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Resource Guide (pdf) - Resources for anyone impacted by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking

Resources for Students

CAPS : Counseling and Psychological Services
Provides confidential counseling and psychological support to students.  Support is available 24/7 by calling: 

  • (707) 664-2153

Sonoma State University Confidential Sexual Assault Advocate
Supports people who have experienced, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking

  • (707) 664-2698

Student Health Center
Can provide STI testing after unwanted sexual encounters. SHC does not report to OPHD, but they report to the police any injuries they treat related to sexual or relationship violence.

  • (707) 664-4470

University Police
To report criminal behavior (sexual misconduct and harassment may be investigated by both UPD and OPHD)

  • (707) 664-4444

Hub Cultural Center
Hosts different activities, events and groups related to diversity and inclusion

  • (707) 664-4247

Dean of Students
Oversees the CARE team. Submit a student of concern report to the CARE Team for a variety of reasons such as concern over emotional or physical well being, struggling with academics, or transition to campus.

  • (707) 664-4247

Resources for Employees

Empathia -  Employee Assistance Program

Human Resources - Labor and Employee Relations  

  • (707) 664-2212

University Police / Police Escort

  • (707) 664-4444

Off Campus Resources

Local sexual assault and rape crisis center, available 24/7, 365

  • (707) 545-7273

Family Justice Center (Sonoma County)
Can assist with services such as obtaining restraining orders, victim advocacy, and access to safe houses.

  • (707) 565-8255

Local Police 

  • 911

Provides assistance to victims of interpersonal violence

  • (202) 467-0801

Sonoma County District Attorney - Victim Services Division

  • (707) 565-2311

Local Hospitals 

Sutter Health 

  • Provides SART exams for sexual assault victims
  • (707) 576-4000

Free or Reduced Legal Aid in Sonoma County

Legal Aid of Sonoma County

The Superior Court of California (County of Sonoma)